Jay Younger in the workshop

About the Artist

Using the experience of over 20 years of hand crafting fine woods into works of art, Jay Younger designs and builds elegant hardwood furniture that is timeless in design. Both his peers in woodworking and the public have honored his quality work with top awards.

Jay’s love for wood dictates that he meticulously select each piece of wood for its unique characteristics that will enhance the final work of art. Jay selects top quality hardwoods from around the world to get the perfect mix of texture, color and wood grain. Curved forms are created through hand shaping which flows into a purity of form. Durable silky-smooth finishes and many hours of hand sanding make the wood pleasing to the eyes and touch, creating fine furniture to last a lifetime.

Possessing fine hand crafted furniture is a unique way to incorporate art and function into one's daily life.




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